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About Us


RPM Productions, Inc. has been affiliated with the Miss Universe Organization since 1979.  In her first year as state director, Paula Miles, saw her first Miss South Carolina USA, Shawn Weatherly, win Miss USA and travel to Seoul, South Korea and capture the title of Miss Universe 1980!  In 1983, the Miss Teen USA pageant was founded and opened up the Miss Universe Organization to a whole new group of amazing young women.  In 1990, RPM took over the state of Louisiana and in 1992 it was awarded the state of North Carolina.  After 5 Miss USAs, 3 Miss Teen USAs, 1 Miss World, and 1 Miss Universe, RPM’s success was rewarded once again with the directorship of Alabama in 2011.

Paula Miles • State Director

In 1979 Paula Miles had no idea what impact a single event would have on her life. While attending college in Charleston, South Carolina to earn a business degree and working for a Cardiologist, her sister Janice competed in the Miss South Carolina USA Pageant and won. This afforded Janice and her family the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the live CBS competition of the MISS USA PAGEANT, a Madison Square Garden television production. Unfortunately Janice did not win the title, but Paula was offered the unique opportunity to become involved with MISS UNIVERSE, INC. on the state level. In 1980, when Paula produced her very first MISS USA Preliminary event, her titleholder became MISS USA, and then MISS UNIVERSE, virtually unheard of for a novice director. This began a whole new career for the young lady from South Carolina who had always wanted to be an independent businesswoman who now holds the title of Owner and Executive Director of RPM Productions, Inc.

An executive with MISS UNIVERSE, Inc. said years ago that he recognized Paula’s ability to serve as a role model for all young women involved in her program. Throughout those years, she has very successfully throughout those years, instilled in hundreds of young women the desire to better themselves, to enjoy the value of competition, and to appreciate the discipline of self-improvement. Paula can proudly claim that under her administration she has had one young woman become MISS UNIVERSE, five become MISS USA, three to become MISS TEEN USA and one to become MISS WORLD. However she feels her greatest achievement is bringing out in every single contestant a sense of self-worth while performing to the best of her ability. Her goal, coupled with that instilled by the LEAP Foundation, a Leadership Training Organization, is to have each of these young women recognize opportunities that come their way each day, have the enthusiasm to embrace these opportunities, and to just watch and enjoy the magic as it happens.

The wife of a Crown Council Dentist, Paula and David have three children Ryan, Paul and Morgan.


Ryan Miles • Co-Director

Born and raised in the Palmetto State, Ryan Miles is a graduate of The University of South Carolina with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Business Administration. Ryan is the Co-Director for RPM Productions, Inc., producers of the Miss Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina USA Pageants for the Miss Universe Organization. He is also the Owner of Sage Media Group, LLC a graphic design and photography company, who are the official photographers for multiple Miss USA state pageants.

While living in Los Angeles from 2014-2016, Ryan worked on numerous television shows for such recognizable clients as MTV, E! Entertainment, Comedy Central, Nat Geo Wild, and Bravo. In 2016, Ryan moved back to the South and now calls Charleston, South Carolina home.


Anna Boyce • Vice President

Anna has been involved from the inception with RPM Productions, Inc. Currently, as Vice President, Anna feels that she best serves the pageant and the contestants by making herself available throughout the year and especially during the pageant week in various areas. She is a valuable asset to our winners as confidant, advisor, and wardrobe consultant. For many years, Anna was involved in television and print advertising, but now she chooses to travel extensively and entertain as often as possible. Anna lives on Lake Wylie in Charlotte, NC.


Jeri Lyn Ridgeway • Contestant Coordinator



Riley Ridgeway • Recruiter